All your things gets placed into maps. Either user defined or the world map.

Don't guess, know

Bring Your Ideas To Life With Tingkart

Some-code solution

Tingkart solves the boring things and does not get in the way of the interesting stuff.

The Highlights


Protect your assets around the clock.

Monitor all of your assets at any time, from anywhere using our web and mobile apps. Set sensor reading thresholds to efficiently manage compliance record-keeping.


Get notified instantly when problems are detected

Receive instant, actionable alerts via SMS text messages and emails anytime issues are detected. Configure alert settings to manage incidents.


All your stuff in maps

Place all devices in maps in order to easily find your stuff. Placing devices in maps also give location based metadata about the sensor.


All in one

Tingkart takes care of everything from deployemnt and payments to secure transactions and monitoring.


White Label

Create your own branded IoT application in minuttes. Branded icons and splash screens ready to be installed on Android, iOS and other surfaces.


Smart Alerts

Tingkart uses machine learning to figure out where a sensor is placed and sets up alerts accordingly.

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About Tingkart

Tingkart is a Norwegian company founded in 2020. Tingkart develops advanced technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry with a focus on making IoT easier for everyone.

The uncompromising simple no code application allows non technical users to set up and create their own branded applications in minutes letting them concentrate on growing their business.

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