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Businesses are choosing to build with Tingkart for their AI agents. Our customers include leading enterprises and startups focused on education, farming and healthcare.

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Hear from our customers

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Explore our diverse range of Farming IoT agents, each expertly designed to handle specific tasks, ensuring seamless automation and enhanced efficiency across various applications.

A formal and technical AI agent designed to monitor an indoor lemon tree during winter, utilizing soil moisture, temperature, and light intensity sensors.
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A formal and Texan-style AI agent for monitoring cocoa farms with environmental sensors and data analysis.
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A formal and educational AI agent named VigilFiber, designed to monitor large hemp fields in Western Norway using specific sensors and local weather data.
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An AI agent designed to monitor and assist with the cultivation of outdoor sativa hybrid weed farms.
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An AI agent designed to monitor mango farm conditions, ensuring tree health and productivity with a formal and technical communication style.
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