Water leaks detection

The longer a leak goes undetected, the more damage it does, destroying furniture and decoration, spawning mold and fungi, and even threatening structural integrity. A water leak detector can reduce the risk by alerting you to problems quickly, so you can act to prevent severe damage.

Leaks happen—usually without letting you know first. Be proactive and protect your home from expensive surprises. Get instant leak alerts.

Leaks Monitoring

Monitoring leaks is important for a variety of reasons. Leaks can cause damage to property and can waste valuable resources, such as water or gas. By monitoring for leaks, it is possible to identify and repair them before they cause significant damage or waste. This can help to reduce the risk of property damage and can save money by reducing the amount of resources that are lost through leaks. Additionally, monitoring for leaks can help to identify potential safety hazards, such as gas leaks, which can be dangerous if they go undetected. Overall, monitoring for leaks is an important part of maintaining the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of a building or other facility.

Water leaks can cause significant damage to property in a variety of ways. When water leaks from pipes, appliances, or other sources, it can seep into the surrounding materials, such as walls, floors, and ceilings. This can cause the materials to deteriorate, leading to the growth of mold and other fungi, which can cause further damage and can be harmful to human health. Additionally, water leaks can cause structural damage to a building, such as by weakening the foundations or causing the formation of cracks or other defects. Water leaks can also cause damage to furniture, appliances, and other contents of a building, such as by rusting metal or staining fabrics. Overall, water leaks can have a destructive effect on property if they are not promptly repaired.


Place all your leak sensors in maps.

By placing all your leak sensors in maps it is very easy to find your sensors and locate any leaks.


Get notified instantly when leaks are detected

Receive instant, actionable alerts via emails anytime leaks are detected. Configure alert settings to manage incidents.


All your leak sensors in maps

Place all leak sensors in maps in order to easily find your stuff. Placing devices in maps also give location based metadata about the sensor.


All in one

Tingkart takes care of everything from deployemnt and payments to secure transactions and monitoring.


White Label

Create your own branded IoT application in minuttes. Branded icons and splash screens ready to be installed on Android, iOS and other surfaces.


Smart Alerts

Tingkart uses machine learning to figure out where a sensor is placed and sets up alerts accordingly.

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