How to create a Tingkart application and add devices

1. Find a avalible tingkart subdomain

Go to and find a avalible tingkart subdomain. This will be the url where users can access your Tingkart application.

2. Upload image to generate icon package

Configure apererance and applicartion icon, please select a .png square image with at least 512x512px and with a file size smaller than 2MB

Tingkart will generate an icon package used as icons desktop and splash screens. You can at any time change the icon package in the admin console.

3. Generate your Tingkart application

Wait while Tingkart generates your subdomain, icon package and sets up your subscription.

4. Open Admin

Click in the Admin button to manage your Tingkark application.

4. Open Admin from the Application

You can open the admin console from anywhere in the Tingkart application by selecting the More button and selecting Admin. This icon is only visible for the administrator of a given application.

5. Add Devices

In admin in the Devices section you can add the devices your users can scan the QR code to add them to their account. Your LoRaWan/Helium hardware supplier should give you the Dev EUI, App EUI and App Key. Select the device type you are adding in the "select device".

6. Download QR invite

Open the device you just added and click on the QR-code or copy the invite code. These codes are used by your users to add the devices to their accounts.

7. Open the Application

Have your users navigate to the [YOUR_SUB_DOMAIN] where they can create their account. This url contains your installable web-application that your users can install on any Android, iOS, Chrome or on any platform that supports Web apps.

When installing the app on an iPhone or iPad please open the url in the Safari browser and follow the instructions.

8. Claim a Device

Click the "Add Device" icon and scann the QR code or paste the invite code collecgted in step 5. Follow instructions and give the device an icon and a name.

9. Create Sites

It may make sence to organise your devices in sites, simply click the "Add Site" icon. Here you can upload an image where you can place your devices. Just select the site and click the "Add Device".

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