We source IoT products from reputable manufacturers both locally and internationally to best suit your needs. To see the full range of our product catalogue, give us a call.

Decentlab | Environmental Monitoring

Decentlab specialise in LoRaWAN environmental sensors. Ranging from soil moisture probes to air quality, Decentlab have a plethora of monitoring devices for varying conditions, sensitivities and applications.

Digital Matter | LoRaWAN® GPS Trackers

Digital Matter has a wide range of indoor and outdoor LoRaWAN and NB-IoT GPS trackers. These can be used for a range of applications such as animal, asset, vehicle and heavy equipment tracking.

Ellenex | Low Power Industrial LoRaWAN Monitoring

Ellenex specialises in measurement systems for industrial applications. They offer a range of LoRaWAN IoT products including pressure, totaliser and flow, level and temperature sensors.

Elsys | Indoor & Outdoor LoRaWAN Sensors

Elsys offer a range of indoor and outdoor LoRaWAN sensors sensors across three product series: the EMS and ERS series (indoor), and the ELT series (outdoor).

Netvox | LoRaWAN IoT Platforms

Netvox produce LoRaWAN IoT sensors for a range of use cases. Environmental monitoring, security systems, Netvox parking sensor and analog monitoring are just a few of many solutions on offer.

Tektelic Communications | LoRaWAN IoT Sensors

Tektelic communications produce a range of LoRaWAN IoT sensors for many applications, including industrial, agricultural and environment monitoring.