Tingkart is used as the underlying plattform to create GPSau. GPSau is a Low Power Wide Area Networking (LP-WAN) technologies LoRaWAN® and NB-IoT to track sheep and cattle during summer grasing.

Traditional battery-powered GPS tracking devices are often plagued by the same short fallings:

  • Battery-life Batteries need to last years, not months, without sacrificing the frequency of updates. Devices need to be able to be opened to change standard AA or AAA batteries. Lets limit the amount of eletronic waste we produce.
  • Affordability Devices and their dataplans need to be affordable so farmers can deploy at scale tyo track all their animals.
  • Reliability Devices need to work in rain, sun, cold and be robust to withstand the harsh conditions found in Norway.
  • Robustness Device needs to be able to withstand their destructive movements within their natural habitats.

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GPSau uses a robust, flexible, and most importantly, reliable battery-powered GPS tracking solution to provide farmers with more than just life-saving location tracking, landing on the excellent GPS trackers from Digital matters in South Africa.

  • A GPS LoRaWan/NB-IoT tracking unit is attached to the animal´s collar
  • An app for locating in topographic maps or orthophotos
  • A web portal that provides updated lists of the animals with location and historical movement pattern
  • Simple user interface where the user can change and adapt the bell to their own needs

GPSau supports both Cellular (LTE-M / NB-IoT) and LoRaWAN® so users can mix and match technologies